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Hi folks!,

My name is Wido Oerlemans. Five years ago, I bought my first telescope because I was interested to experience what was out there among the stars. I've been hooked to astrophotography ever since. I first started out with a simple alt-az mount and my Canon Rebel T5 connected to my celestron 102 SLT refractor.


Fast forward five years, and I have a TS APO Photoline 80MM refractor, guiding (ZWO120, Orion 50mm miniscope), an electronic filter wheel (ZWO 8 position wheel, narrowband and broadband filters) and a ZWO 1600MM pro cooled. Being in a light polluted environment, the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, I have come to understand how to deal with light pollution and still come up with decent astrophotography pictures. 


About one year ago I decided to share my experiences with you. I started this website and a YouTube channel where I share tutorials and equipment reviews. Topics range from how to take your first steps in astrophotography to more complex post processing techniques using multiple filters. I discuss capturing and post processing software and I review the products I use. It is my sincere hope that this personal content will help you to improve your astrophotography skills. If you did not start yet, I highly recommend you to take your first steps into astrophotography. It is one of the most exciting and awesome hobbies! 

Clear skies!